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Thursday, December 10, 2006
In the meantime of working on one of my ideas, I thought up of another idea. The Music Hutch. This website I released two days ago. It's a site for people to upload their music, and then be able to share, search & browse, and just listen to music without having to do any downloads.

Another idea I came across that is quite interesting are "vlogs" (Video logs.) These are just like weblogs, but instead you record a video. You can check out this concept at

You are listening to some music right now that I am using from The Music Hutch. You may also add music to your blog, website, social network profile, and Music Hutch playlist by copying and pasting code that can be found on the Site.

The Music Hutch

Many ideas are developing in my mind for Monster Blog Sack, as well as for, The Music Hutch and future ideas that I have.

I got rid of the Monster Blog Sack Forum because of spammers. Seems to me that spam is going out of hand. One of my e-mail boxes get more than 200 spams a day and am now thinking of closing it soon. I plan to put a forum up in the future in a way to prevent spammers from posting garbage.

Here are the current Monster Blog Sack stats:

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