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Friday, August 11, 2006
The Monster is Unleashed!

I just recently learned how to code FireFox extensions. On my way from work in Manhattan to a friend's house in Brooklyn, I was thinking of new ideas I can do by building a FireFox browser extension. One of my favorite FireFox extensions is the Stumble Upon toolbar by Geoff Smith. This toolbar is one of my inspirations for creating the Monster Blog Sack toolbar.

Blogs are getting to be a pretty big thing on the internet these days. From time to time I like to randomly surf around blogs and skim through what people are writing about. A feature I noticed for blogs was the top navigation a user can use to randomly go to another blog or search the blog. This also inspired me to create the toolbar. The MBS toolbar works just like that but more advanced and yet still simple. You get to choose what topics that interest you, tag and search for blogs, share blogs, and add blogs to your favorites' list.

So far there are 34 members, 19 blogs sacked, 247 toolbar downloads, with 3 diggs! at If you like MBS, you can Digg It! I am currently working on more features as well as improving the current features. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, you may contact me at or post in the MBS Forum.

You may be wondering what the link is doing in the footer and what it has to do with Monster Blog Sack. It's a website designed and developed by Wojciech Pirog and me where college students can ship or meetup on campus and exchange goods for cash. There's also a community with over 3,200 campuses in the United States. If you're a college student or faculty, check it out.

From time to time I'll be updating the blog to keep you posted of what's new. Hope you enjoy Monster Blog Sack and the toolbar.

Posted by Gregory Rzeczko @ 3:49 PM EST
Gregory Rzeczko

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