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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Sack Surfer Modes

I was thinking of the movie Back to the Future and I remembered a part where the television set had many stations playing all at one time. This made me come up with the Tile Sack Surfer Mode idea. Now you can choose either Full or Tile mode. The Tile mode lets you surf and view a little description of 9 (3x3) blogs at once. I'm still adding more to this feature. Here is a preview:

Tile Mode Preview

Another problem I noticed was when you close the browser, and reopen it, your login session is gone. I fixed this problem. You should now be able to close and open your browser or restart your computer and Surf the Sack without logging in again. If you have to keep logging in, drop me a line and I'll look into the issue.

Here are the current stats:
Users: 116
Toolbar Downloads: 675
Blogs Sacked: 40

Have a whole list of features I want to add in front of me. Another little plug-in I added is the mouseover screenshot page preview. I got this tool from Arc90 Labs. They have some pretty interesting tools they come out with once in a while that you can add to your blog or site. Check them out.

Posted by Gregory Rzeczko @ 9:43 PM EST
Gregory Rzeczko

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