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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Haven't updated the Monster Blog Sack Blog for a while. I've been working on this idea which I believe is going to be quite big. Hopefully I'll be able to execute this idea in about 8 to 9 months. In the meantime I'll be looking around for employment in NYC. As for Monster Blog Sack, the latest addition is the community. I've got a bunch of ideas I have wrote down I want to add as well. So much to do.. I'm currently looking for an ActionScript 2.0/3.0, Adobe Flex job. If you have a job opening or know of one in NYC, can you please e-mail me at Thank you.

As for the stats, here they are:
Users: 413
Toolbar Downloads: 2503
Blogs Sacked: 299

Posted by Gregory Rzeczko @ 10:31 PM EST
Gregory Rzeczko

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